EE – UK Mobile phone network provider

EE is the largest mobile phone network provider in the UK. Now owned by British Telecom (BT). Like most network providers it has a long history and was originally known as Orange.

Orange was launched in 1994 after an extensive tease marketing campaign around the UK. Months before the launch of the company billboards could be seen with the simple words ‘Cry’, ‘Laugh’ and ‘Smile’ in orange.

Orange was the third network provider to be launched in the UK after Vodafone and Cellnet, which is now O2.

Thanks to excellent marketing Orange expanded rapidly throughout the UK and was known to offer excellent customer service. It was later sold to France Telecom in 2000 but continued to operate in the UK under Orange UK.

In 2010 Orange UK merged with T-Mobile UK to form a joint merger Everything Everywhere (EE). Today the network is simply known as EE. It was later bought by British Telecom (BT) in 2016.