The no contract or credit check sim deal – The EE Flex Sim

The mobile network providers in the UK are always thinking about offering us something different. The competition is tuff, so they continue to offer us better deals to outbid each other. That’s why competition is a good thing for us the consumer.

EE is now offering the Flex Sim. It’s a Sim Only contract but without a contract. Most Sim only deals are 12 or 18-month contracts, but you can also pay more by choosing a 30-day contract.

The thing is, you’re still signing a contract, which you must stick with. The new Flex Sim from EE offers the same benefits without the contract.


The great thing about the EE Flex No Contract Sim is that a credit check is not needed. This is excellent for anyone who has a bad credit rating.

Sim only contracts, even if they are just for 30-days require a credit check. This means you’re left with only being able to use a Pay as you Go (PAYG) Sim if your credit rating is too low.

The Flex sim from EE addresses that problem and allows anyone with a bad credit rating to get a Sim other than PAYG.


Well, it’s true that you do not need to sign a credit agreement contract, which is why you can get your hands on a Flex Sim without a credit check.

However, there is no such thing as a mobile phone sim without a contract. Even if you get a PAYG phone. There are still terms and conditions that you must abide by to continue using the service.

You’re still entering into a 30-day agreement with EE. This means any charges in that period must be paid for. You pay for your Flex Sim in advance and unless you let EE know; you’ll automatically roll over to another 30-day agreement each month until you cancel.


So we’ve looked at how the EE Flex sim is great for anyone who has a bad credit rating. However, the benefits do not stop there. The EE Flex sim offers data rollover and free data boosts, which are excellent benefits from a Sim with no contract.


This is a great extra that you get from the EE Flex Sim. If you do not use the data that comes with your plan in the month, it’s automatically rolled over to the following month.

This should make it less likely that you will run out of data and offers excellent value for money. The data that is rolled over is used first and once you’ve used that data you start to use your plan data.

Data that is rolled over must be used in the following month. If you do not use your rolled over data in the following month, it will not be rolled over to the third month.


Another great benefit from the EE Flex Sim is free data boosts. Every three months you’ll get an extra 500MB added to your data allowance. This means after six months you’ll have an extra 1GB of data to use each month.

This is a really good benefit because if you do struggle with the amount of data at the beginning of the contract. You do not necessarily need to worry because you’ll have an extra 500MB added after three months.



The EE Flex Sim may not be the cheapest sim available but they are great for anyone who does not want to commit to a contract.

They are perfect for anyone who may have a bad credit rating and have been previously turned down when applying for a contract sim.

Also, free data boosts and data rollover provides excellent benefits. These benefits show that EE are committed to keeping loyal customers happy. It also means you’ll not need to continually hunt around for new deals, as your data will grow every three months.