Google Pixel 4 does not support 5G – but does it matter?

Google has been creating mobile phones for some time now and has the same following as Apple. That is, that everyone eagerly waits for the launch of a new phone from Google.

The latest phone launched by Google is the Pixel 4. It’s a stunning looking device and I’m sure everyone is looking to get one when their current contract is up. However, would you be put off if you knew that the Pixel 4 does not support 5G?


You may be shocked when you first hear Google has decided to launch a new mobile phone that does not support 5G. After all, the amount of time and money that goes into launching a new phone is huge.

The thing here is that Google is not alone. Whenever Google launches a new phone to the market you can be sure that Apple is not close behind. Unless you’ve been living under a rock; you’ll know that Apple has also released its latest phone recently, the iPhone 11.

Just like Google, Apple has decided not to include 5G technology in their latest Apple iPhone 11. So what exactly is going on here?


You can already buy 5G compatible phones by other manufacturers. So assuming the latest phones by the two tech giants Apple and Google would support 5G is understandable.

If you’ve been looking at 5G compatible phones recently you’d have noticed they cost a lot of money.

You can get your hands on a Google Pixel 4 or Apple iPhone 11 for under £800. If they decided to go with 5G capability, you can bet they would have cost a couple of hundred pounds more.

The fact is that Google and Apple both believe that 5G is not ready just yet. If they did, they would have made sure their latest flagship phones were compatible with 5G. The question is, are they right?


It’s no coincidence that the two big tech giants have not included 5G in their latest handsets. 5G is going to be such a game-changer for us all. This is much bigger than the move we saw from 3G to 4G.

The technology that we’ll see being launched thanks to 5G will be out of this world. The capabilities that 5G can offer is going to transform our lives. This is why we’ve seen a lot in the news about America being concerned that the UK is considering Huawei for 5G infrastructure.

Although mobile phone companies in the UK are now supporting 5G. At the moment, the technology is not ready. Buying a phone with 5G right now is not needed.

It will take a couple of years before 5G has matured enough for us to take full advantage of the advances in technology it provides. Until then, buying a phone with 5G capability is not an important factor.

So if you’ve been put off buying a Pixel 4 or iPhone 11 because it does not support 5G. Well, there is absolutely no reason why this should be the case. Right now, 5G just isn’t where it needs to be, so you can buy the latest phone from Google or Apple without being worried about them not supporting 5G.