New government deal will see 4G available to 95% of the UK by 2025

If you live in a city the issue of mobile phone coverage may not appear to be a big issue. However, there is still a huge majority of people living in the countryside or small seaside towns who have to deal with poor mobile phone coverage on a daily basis.

Having access to a mobile phone network with decent coverage is important for everyone. We all live in the digital world and whether you like technology or not. You’ll understand the necessity of having access to a mobile phone operator that can offer you a good reception.

Ten years ago it was all about getting coverage so you could make a telephone call. However, today, the thing we want access to more than anything is a network that can offer good data transfer.


The government has teamed up with all the current mobile network operators in the UK to offer 4G to 95% of the UK by 2025.

The deal will see the government invest up to £500 million and the network operators investing roughly the same amount between them.

This is great news for people living in rural areas who currently find it difficult to get a decent 4G connection. Websites that we visit today including social media sites like Facebook need a fast internet connection. This deal will see everyone eventually getting access to 4G.

To do this all of the network providers have agreed to share their networks with each other. This will mean no matter who your network provider is, you should be able to connect to 4G in almost all corners of the country.


The need to have access to 4G is more important than you may imagine. It’s no longer the case that having access to a decent internet connection is a luxury.

Our everyday lives have been hugely improved by technology. We no longer have to visit a shop to get our groceries and the same can be said to do your banking.

Today, you can do your banking online and have your groceries delivered to your door all from the comfort of your home. This is not only beneficial for people who have busy lives. It’s also important for older people and anyone who finds it difficult to get out and about.

The new deal between all the phone networks and the government to provide 4G to most of the country by 2025 is great to see. This will reduce the gap between people living in cities compared to the countryside.