Three – UK mobile phone network provider

The UK mobile phone network Three or simply 3 was the fourth UK mobile network to be launched in the UK. Like Vodafone, it’s the only network that still operates under the same name as when it was originally launched.

Three was launched in the UK in March 2003, which was on the same day that 3G became available in the country. This gave Three a huge marketing advantage because it was the first network provider to offer the 3G network.

3G was a huge move in mobile technology as it was impossible to watch videos on the earlier 2G network. This gave Three an advantage at first as it was the first mobile network capable of video.

It still uses the EE network today for 2G services when the user is in an area of the UK where the Three network does not exist.

Since then the other mobile network providers have caught up and Three no longer has an advantage over Vodafone, EE and O2.